Cake Decorating Class

2012 Schedule


1) Lets get jingle for coming X'mas!
Hands-on Gingerbread House
Date : 21st December 2012 (Saturday)
Time : 10am – 2pm
Course Fee : RM250
Seats are limited to max. 6 students.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Interesting day preparing this cake. My client requested a design relating to BAT. So it could have been BATMAN or COMBAT. After twisting ideas, he decided TANK. This is a last minute work, could have been better. In one day I have to come up with a cake with  Army Scene
Oh yes, not only the base you can eat but also the tank. :) 

Happy Birthday BAT

1 comment:

Stanley Benjamin said...

Very interesting ! The scene looks very familar to me. Lets see Mmm.. Oh ya! now I remember. I 've seen this battered tank in Kosovo,Russia, but why it is idlying beside a green at BJCC. The sand bunkers dont look negleted. I like the sones & the pieces of timber. I will eat them instead of the tank.